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– Amplifying EFFICIENCY & Growth Thru Hybrid Automation –

Empowering small businesses with the luxury of time to operate their business without the overhead with managing all the vital necessities of a modern online presence!

We must plan with the end goal in mind and surely that’s not to get a website. It’s to spread influence and continually attract the kind of customers you want to work with and do so from a wide variety of touch points with as little time, energy & frustration as possible.

effectively Competing Online Is Often Thought as a highly technical, Time consuming & expensive Process

– with the right focus, It Doesn't have to be

Let’s face it. Anyone can get online with a website and unfortunately, for many, that will top their list of achievements online. 

Sure it is no question that graphic designers, website designers, and popular online website building services can offer great value but one must ask what really is the end-goal? After the websites complete and signed off on, you’ll still face the challenge of actually acquiring customers, particularly the ones you find joy working with.

All too often, the expectation is that a beautiful website, a couple of social media accounts, a little bit of email marketing, and some paid advertising is all that is need to compete effectively. All too often, these efforts fall short of expectation. 

For example, popular design techniques like the use of tabs and hidden content actually impair, to a certain degree, on how Google ranks the content, but more on that later.

If your end goal is really to just ‘get a website and a fresh new look’ then great, click on. If, however, your interest is to compete online and in your local market, attracting targeted clientele that are a joy to work with, then read on.

The Good News, The Bad News And...

– the 4 huge factors that changed what works

Reinventing the wheel is costly and time intensive endeavor and, guess what? Everyone who’s anyone, already has a wheel and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll beat the competition in the tire market. 

So perhaps your answer isn’t necessarily a new website with bells and whistles and more time & money in marketing it. Perhaps it’s something far different than what you might have thought or have been told ( You can quickly answer the first stage question using automated scanner below to get an instant web presence evaluation ).

The Bad News...

If it’s common knowledge then everyone is already doing it and your motivated competition is doing even more. 

All too often, the path of common knowledge is often met with frustration after hitting a couple of roadblocks. More particularly, when you learn that those local keywords didn’t seem to pan out and that all of the effort spent crafting those emails and posts didn’t move the needle one iota. 

This frustration is even further compounded when you finally give in to the salesman that keeps ringing your line. You know the one. The one that promises the windfall utopia that reached after you signup for the ads provided by his network. Only after signing up, you come to realize that…

“Only 3% of the people that seen and clicked on your paid ads were actually in a position to and were ready to make a purchase.”

If that didn’t hit you like a ton of bricks, then this certainly did or will. After spending 7 minutes and 38 seconds pushing buttons on the phone having to, once again, double-validate your account ownership with a secret pin (which escapes you most every time) only to reach, yet another new representative that you’re unfamiliar with, finally, you get someone. 

With the somewhat foreign accent she spends a couple of minutes introducing herself while demonstrating her new grasp of the English language in a series of pleasantries that never seem to end. It’s only then she addresses the issue and asks the following.

That’s when the agent says, “How many new articles, posts, or emails did you create & post with the tools we provided in your Platinum Package?”

Meanwhile the beeping sound on your phone indicates a call coming in. It could quite possibly be a motivated prospect, but you are more than 10 minutes into this phone call already.

Silently deliberating, you’re seriously considering ending the call by quickly pressing 5 for ‘Great Service’ so that you can get back to the previous caller, but you remain. In the midst of all this, it dawns on you what the competing salesman you spoke with a day or so ago, ( after the fact) informed you of. 

“Yes, The Reality Is Less than 3% of marketing emails are ever even are opened & Facebook limited a businesses ability to reach their followers back in 2016 so business posting for free is almost an exercise in futility!” 

Truth be told, you were far too busy handling paperwork, making calls, and actually working so this kept you from even getting around to even learning how to do that stuff and do it well.

The real problem though, your thinking (“Did I really just pass up on a prospect for this?”), is that you no longer showing up in Googles Local Pack. When you express this to her, she reiterates…

That’s when she says, “We’ve put in all the local keywords and done quite well. We have you at #5 in Google Maps! If Google hadn’t updated Local from 7 to 3 in 2016, you’d be in the premium position. And yes, it’s true that the top three positions receive more than 66% of the attention. If you like, we can upgrade your account to the Double Platinum package!”


The Good News...
Yes, There's Good News!

The good news is that you achieved your goal of getting a website, so that is off the list, right? I jest of course. 

“But seriously, it’s only been 6 months and you are well on your way to the ‘Triple Platinum’ package!

With all jokes aside, a bit of pre-planning, including the insight of top research & analysis firms (which you will read a touch more of in the coming section), you can be much further ahead of your competition out of the gate! Granted, there may still be a good deal of work (market dependent) after crafting your marketing message but you will have a map, a planned course, and a team to lean on. Additionally, you can also leverage automation to reach, engage & influence more prospects that most of your competitors aren’t even aware of.

So, if you were reading and not skimming, you already picked up on some real life and valuable insights about online marketing that can, hopefully, save you time, money, and a but of frustration in your days ahead.

The Real Question, Though...

Is your end goal is really to get a website and wait for good ole` word of mouth to get more people in your door ‘for free’ or is it to compete online & advance in your local market while selling to & servicing clients that are a joy to work with while lowering your total costs per customer?

To be a bit more clarity and transparency, let me elaborate. If you have everything free and clear, meaning no rent,  licenses, insurance, educational debt, staff, and/or utility bills, perhaps ‘lowering the costs per customer’ doesn’t apply to you. If that is the case, then the rest of this document will just be an educational experience which you probably won’t utilize, otherwise continue on.

Perhaps with a bit more insight from the leading research, it will help you to be more competitive while achieving your true desired end goal…


We must plan with the end goal in mind and surely that’s not to get a website. It’s to spread influence and continually attract the kind of customers you want to work with and do so from a wide variety of touch points with as little time, energy & frustration as possible.

Research indicates What has worked & what will work in the years ahead

the question is, How can You use this to your advantage today to get more competitive & have more influence without sounding all salesy?

The simple, single-angled, answer one might conclude is to bank on the local market. Surely, prospects searching in your locale are more likely make a purchase, but…

If you face steep competition, up the perceived value by providing more correlative evidence to attract the people that simply ask for the sale, easily saying yes to your number.

More than half of all searches online have local intent & more than 75% of those local searchers are likely to call and/or visit in store in less than a day. 

Just getting out in front of the competition though, without any other other influences, can still be quite limiting. The reasons ‘why’ are plentiful. 

Not everyone is being influenced by one source, rather their time is split up across a variety of destinations while using a great many of cues to select a business to work with. 

It’s certainly not all about having the lowest price as many discounts site would have you to believe…

Don’t under estimate the value of local search though. It proved successful in the early 2000’s for marketing, as one of our very own team members can attest. While providing a distinct selling advantage back then, even years ahead of the public roll-out of Google’s local business center in 2005, it still provides a great advantage in the modern age. But just getting listed in a premium spot didn’t do much until business owners realized the power in online reviews, and soon thereafter, began to game the system.

Both consumers realized this as did the networks and both discovered ways to validate their authenticity. While almost 52% say they won’t even do business with companies without positive leaning reviews, others use other short-cuts to vet a company.

One of the biggest and more rapid shifts is when social media came in full swing. Guess what caused it? 

If you are thinking MySpace or Facebook, your close! Though it was social media, the rapid change was brought on by Steve Jobs release of the iPhone in 2007. From that point in time, a domino effect occurred that revolutionized how quickly we connected to the Internet, communicated with our friends and families, and how often the world communicated. In a short period thereafter, social media users were constantly connected, opening up the app with almost every ting of the message alert, just as designed.

Just like that, person-to-person conversations, holiday gatherings, and even marketing had been changed for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever.

While the top 3 rankings in local search is great, its not what it once was, and ultimately reaching less. The growth and increasing popularity of other online destinations makes the local pack less of a single source and more of an integral part of a marketing system. 

Influence happens wherever people spend time and more & more consumers look to not only online reviews but opinions, posts, articles, and videos to vet their intended purchases. Understanding this, businesses, both legitimate and illegitimate, had over-leveraged this vulnerability.

As a counter to limit this, networks Google, Facebook, and others had to take proactive steps to protect user experience. Facebook limited businesses post’s reach and Google cut 7 to 3 for local. It was quite the surprising move since business owners were driving traffic to the network with the ‘Like Us’ button and Google was built on other peoples content.

While some look at both as a slap, it did help to curb spam but it also helped to increase ad spend. They are not the only ones making changes, changes that had similar end results which end up costing the business owner. Yelp has been in the news about filtering legit reviews that didn’t make it passed their system but their system ultimately ended up providing excellent value to the end user as did the updates from the other companies.

As compared to those on social media, searchers actively seeking out a solution are more inclined to receive a solution as opposed to those scrolling to see whats in their timeline, but still yet, the average rate of conversion appears much less than a business owner would expect.

Taking just seconds to answer common questions, they form their beliefs with a mix of brand image, clarity of message, popular opinion, search rank, consumer feedback, perceived value, and their own associated trust built with the brand in question. 

Considering The Above Factors Alone….
Even with the many technical barriers involved, it could easily be tempting to go all in with paid search advertising right out of the gate. 

This, however, most likely won’t make it as a long term approach as you and your team most likely has not yet honed marketing message with enough clarity and reason to get others to risk their capital.

The Question: What if you had the output of a team of skilled workers to help craft & hone your marketing message, generate leads from search, social media and email all awhile managing your online presence?

What if it only cost as little as the cost of one part-time worker? 

Would this interest you?

Premium Analysis Gleamed From Top Analytics Research Firms

In light of the shortlist of marketing statistics and our own research over the last decade and half, it’s our view that businesses require a more holistic approach to marketing that not only makes the barrier for entry super-low-risk for consumers but also provides a complete customer journey experience from beginning trust building stage to end. After the service, followup using hybrid automation to guide the entire process.

what if you had a cost effective AND repeatable plan to reach & influence your extended market beyond LOCAL search?


Phase 5 Formula : Marketing : Top Level Of Marketing Attraction Funnel

A more perfect solution works in unison to attract prospects at a variety of touch points while conveying enough trust in order to engage the prospect to begin the one-to-one trust building.

2018 Is The Year Of Automation & engagement, So Take Advantage As...

- driving efficiency for years to come -

What was once deemed science fiction is now coming in full swing and its shaking up businesses all over.

In light of the research and insights gleamed from some of the worlds top analytical firms, we’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary stepped plan and system toward long term growth which you’ll be able to demonstrate below.

Automation & A.I., “The #1 Driving Force For Efficiency Over The Coming 5-10 Years”
( Gartner Research 2018 )

Leverage Automation In Your Business & Marketing
With Our Phase-5 Formula..

  • Syndicate, Automate & Reach
  • Social Media Casting 
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Video & Inbound Marketing
  • Opt-Ins & Client-Journey Marketing

And because online marketing is so much more than Just Having A Website & Keywords...

Six additional semi-automated tools & services have been added to provide a more comprehensive means to reach, influence & compel prospects to purchase.

It starts with Automation...

Automation That Supports Marketing

...but it doesn't end there!

After interacting with the above tools, you will get a better look at what companies are leading the pack in your local market, how they appear on popular destinations & perhaps uncover their edge.

These Are merely a small set of tools that your business could benefit from...

If you would like to learn more about our services, tool-sets, and/or desire custom automation apps, including desktop automation, request a meeting through the contact form.

Automation That Supports Marketing

If you would like to leverage your online presence

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